Fundraising in Memory of Henry

Fundraising in Memory of Henry

Channel Distance Swim April 2018

For my first bit of fundraising (ever!) I’m swimming the distance of the the channel (22 miles, 35.4km, 1416 lengths) in my local pool.

This challenge is usually completed over 12 weeks but I’ve set my own personal target to do it in just a month. I’m raising money for Sands and Forget Me Not Hospice whose support in the very early days after Henry’s death was vital. Donation pages for both can be found on Henry’s JustGiving team page. I’ve written a little bit about why I’ve chosen to swim here.

Click the green line on the map below to see information about individual sessions.

Past Fundraising

In March my cousin’s office held a dress down day and raised £247 for Sands.


Charity Mentions

Since Henry died Martin and I have been supported by a number of charitable organisations including: Sands; Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice; Our Angels;  4Louis; Remember My Baby; Aching Arms and the Snowdrop Bereavement Suite at Bradford Royal Infirmary. I am grateful to every single one and in time hope to be able to do something for each of them, for now my focus is on the ones whose support has been most crucial in these first few months after Henry’s death.

Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice gave us a place to stay in the immediate aftermath of Henry’s death, taking care of us, supporting us emotionally and helping with practical arrangements for Henry’s funeral. They continue to support us as we learn to adjust to life without Henry.

Sands provide support for anyone affected by the death of a child through written information, a helpline, local support groups and a befriending service. They also fund research to prevent babies dying. A few weeks after Henry died we attended our first Sands meeting and the relief of talking to other parents who’d had similar experiences was immeasurable. 

This year we started attending the Our Angels support group after meeting Chris, one of the charity’s trustees, through Instagram. In addition to a support group the charity runs training for healthcare professionals to help prevent avoidable stillbirths and advise on bereavement care.

If you would like to do some fundraising in Henry’s memory, or have any fundraising ideas get in touch and let me know.